About us vegan

Being green is more than just buying “eco”. It is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.”

Our commitment began a long time ago, in 1990, when we first decided to make a conscious effort to improve ourselves and to do something good for the environment by becoming vegan. We strongly believe that animals, just like human beings, deserve love, care and respect and we started our journey with this small, personal step.

As a group, we backpacked together around the world and during our travels we couldn’t help but notice that so many travel bags and backpacks were made of leather or had fur as a decoration on them. That’s when we realized we wanted to take our commitment further and that we had to do something about it, to at least try and help lower our impact on the environment and give back a positive change.

In Nepal, we discovered more about the huge potential of hemp and canvas, the two materials we wanted to incorporate in our own line of sustainable, vegan bags and backpacks. Hemp is one of the strongest among natural fibers and it is very durable: It has anti-microbial properties and is UV resistant, but at the same time it stays soft over time. Secondly, canvas is a strong and versatile material, a plain-woven textile originally made from hemp, even if today it is commonly made of cotton or linen. After two years of learning and testing in Nepal we eventually started a production line of canvas bags: we put all our passion and commitment to create unique objects that don’t hurt animals, are suited for vegans but are at the same time fashionable and stylish.

As backpackers, we know that staying sustainable or purchasing eco-friendly goods is not always easy while traveling, so we kept that in mind while designing our Vegan Friendly Bags. Our products are made with top quality hemp and canvas and are suited for students and travelers who wish to have originally designed bags but who also want to support sustainable shopping. Our bags are naturally antibacterial, dry quickly, are compact and very durable over time: they are the perfect ally in your everyday life, at college or at work, but also during your travels.

Last but not least, we wanted to support people who take care of animals in the right way and who need our help, so we decided to devolve a small amount % of each order to a non-profit animal sanctuary, called Starting Over. Starting Over is a reputable organization that rescues animals who come from abusive and negligent situations and rehabilitates them. They also work to promote education and awareness of animal love, to accept the other, and to raise public awareness for the protection of animals.

If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest and commitment to a better and healthy world.