The Camel Mountain Story

Hey there Camel Mountain family. It is Jacko and Garry, the founders of Camel Mountain. We share a love for adventure, traveling & photography, and want to help our customers face the unknown with the best quality travel bags and accessories for whatever path you take. We want to see you get up and get moving, while staying prepared with our high-quality and highly fashionable line of backpacks.

Camel Mountain provides the world’s best bags and travel gear. We specialize in sourcing the most advanced and durable bags on the market, and we put them to the test. Our curiosity drives our passion for finding Camel Mountain gear that ensures you look better, feel better, and get better functionality. Everything we do and sell comes with a personal touch and caring. We want to change the status quo of providing a service and set new standards that you deserve.

We test every type of bag we offer, and we are not easy on them. We got tired of the frustrations we saw with low-quality bags, and we cut no corners and take no shortcuts when it comes to offering only the best bags and gear for our valued customers.

You are probably wondering why we care so much about backpacks that we made a company based solely on bags. Truth be told, our obsession does not lie in the backpacks, but with what we can hold in them. Camping supplies, business presentations, workout equipment, all of the things that keep life moving forward belong in a backpack.

Last but not least

We wanted to give others a better solution, a sustainable solution, solutions that make their lives better. With our commitment to serving others, we cannot forget to give back and help those who cannot help themselves. Some of our products are vegan-friendly, therefore we wanted to support people who take care of animals in the right way and who need our help, so we decided to devolve a small amount % of each order to a non-profit animal sanctuary, called Starting Over. Starting Over is a reputable organization that rescues animals who come from abusive and negligent situations and rehabilitates them. They also work to promote education and awareness of animal love, to accept the other, and to raise public awareness for the protection of animals.

If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest and commitment to a better and healthy world.


While Jacko and Garry were keynote speakers at a widely recognized conference, the impossible happened. Both of them had their notes destroyed by the rough process in baggage claim. Jacko’s travel bag had ripped right in half, sending papers scattered across the airport. Garry’s pack had been crushed, ruining his USB drive with his notes on it right before they were both set to present on stage. This setback was a considerable obstacle to overcome, but we realized it could have been avoided.

We could both be on track to prep for our presentations if we invested a little more in our bags. We did not know it yet, but this was going to be the start of a beautiful business relationship. On the way back, Jacko and Garry ended up sitting next to each other on their flight and shared their stories of trying to piece together their lectures without their notes.

While they both made it through the process without their reputations damaged, they realized there was a bigger underlying issue here. Their bags could not stand up to the test of time, and there needed to be a way that travelers could find the best bags that they know will not fold under pressure.

On the plane, they started talking about all the issues they have run into with their bags over the years, and they realized the problem was much bigger than the two of them. Men and women around the world faced the same issues with their baggage, and they did not have a place to turn for better bags that can stand up to their needs.

Thusly, Camel Mountain was born out of a brainstorming session on a business class trip after a less than stellar business trip experience for two dedicated entrepreneurs. They created a space for travelers to find only the best bags, and started testing the bags they would offer their customers.

There once was a time when we used the run of the mill store-bought bags that just didn’t hold up to the test of time. We put our bags through the rigmarole with our frequent business trips and traveling, and got tired of having to replace our bags after every trip. We knew that we needed a better solution when it comes to packing our belongings for business meetings, but we did not find any single company that offered the types of bags and gear that solved our issues.

We needed a bag that would not tear apart when we pack it full of important documents. We needed zippers that will not fall apart from loving use. We needed enough compartments to store our computers, laptops, and fuzzy socks. We needed bags that were big enough, sturdy enough, and high fashion enough to keep up with our needs, and we searched the world for the perfect bag.


We evolved our offerings as we tested our bags from zero. We began testing backpacks, travel bags, and even waist bags that double as a playpen for our colleagues who travel with their families. We remain dedicated to delivering the best solutions to our customers, and when we see a new problem in the baggage world, we find the best solution.

We challenged the status quo by creating Camel Mountain with businesspersons and travelers in mind. Now, we challenge our valued customers to put our bags to the test. Get out and explore your world with our bags in tow. We promise you will not be disappointed, and we back that up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So go on, get to explore all of the possibilities the world has to offer, and discover how much easier travel is when you prepare with Camel Mountain gear.


   "We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open"


 "Without changing our patterns of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems that we created with our current patterns of thought.”