Our Story

Camel Mountain was born out of brainstorming business trips experiences & exploring all of the possibilities the world and city has to offer.

Our Story

Camel Mountain was born out of brainstorming business trips experiences & exploring all of the possibilities the world and city has to offer.


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Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible. On our way to gathering these flashes of meaningful memories, as creators & designers, we aim to craft goods that will blend seamlessly with our busy lifestyles - both on the paved city streets as well as on those business or study journeys of discovery. 

 With a team of born travelers, our designs are inspired by the things we see and experience on our adventures. Therefore functionality and a simplistic design are key factors that drive the handcrafting process of every leather good that we create

We make travel memorable

To travel is to live, this is what Camel Mountain stands for. For some, it’s a break from everyday life. Though for others, it’s an opportunity to grow and discover. To travel places near and far with wonder and curiosity, with honor and graciousness. To embrace the world with open eyes and arms, and an open mind and heart. We founded Camel Mountain with these travelers in mind because we are travelers too. We want to see you get up, get moving and be prepared with our premium quality selection of backpacks.

What benefits will you receive?


Built to last

Every Camel Mountain product is painstakingly crafted using the finest materials available. Only after rigorous testing, multiple quality control processes at the manufacturer and warehouse, our backpacks are delivered to the hands of wanderers worldwide. Learn more about it.


Setting new standards

Each feature-packed product is thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality. Our objective is to give you the tools you need to make it happen — in the best way possible.


Future of Travel

We believe in a fair, sustainable future—one where people contribute less towards climate change and minimum carbon footprint. Learn how Camel Mountain is using the power of business travel to move the world forward.

How it all started

Camel Mountain was founded in 2010, we specializes in intelligent innovated bags for casual daily work and dynamic sporting occasions, especially for outdoor activities. We evolved our offerings as we tested our bags from zero. 

We began testing Backpacks, Messenger & Sling bags, Duffle bags, Waist bags and even wallets that double as a playpen for our colleagues who travel with their families. We remain dedicated to delivering the best solutions to our customers, and when we see a new problem in the baggage world, we find the best solution.

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Standard page - Our Story
Standard page - Our Story

Camel Mountain began when Jacko and Garry, two keynote speakers at a conference had similar experiences with low-quality backpacks. It was a game-changer and they came up with an idea that changes the way people travel without sacrificing design or functionality, but instead enjoy both.