Essential Tips to Keep Your Bag Safe When Travelling

Essential Tips to Keep Your Bag Safe When Travelling

As the holiday season quickly approaches, so is eagerness for travel plans of solo adventurers and families.  Especially when winter finally comes, people begin rushing to pack their bags and hit the road—or the sky, to go on adventures and make memories.  

But the more we get excited to travel, the less we pay attention to the security of our belongings. Sometimes, people try to take our valuables, and other times we simply lose them. These things happen. But, these things are also preventable.  

Here are a few tips to help you secure your belongings while travelling.

Plan Ahead

Always consider the following: location, action, and population.


Where are you going? Is it far? Is it safe? These are the questions you need to answer when planning to travel is a different environment from that you’ve gotten used to. Remember, there’s no such thing as overthinking when talking about security. You should always consider that there are people who would want to take advantage of travelers, and most especially, tourists.  


You also need to consider your activities. Are you going to be times where you have to leave your valuables unattended? Are you going to pass through a densely populated area? If so, then you might need to check your belongings from time-to-time, and even be wary of your surroundings.


Finally, are you going to travel alone or with people around you? Especially for parents who are traveling with their kids, their valuables may not be the most important thing that catches their attention. When your toddler is walking around, you might not notice your belongings. That’s why when traveling in groups it’s better to have locks and secured pockets and bags.

There is no better security than prevention!


There is no better security than prevention.

Always pack a ziptie or two in your bag. When riding a plane, boar, or the train, it would be wise to lock your bags with some zipties. This not only prevents thieves from opening your bag and taking your valuables, but it also loses the attention of anyone with bad intentions.

It would also be a good idea to pack, organize, and carry your own bag. That way, you would know exactly where your things are supposed to be.

Additionally, you might want to follow the rule of hierarchy when packing your bags. This way, you know exactly where your belongings are. 

Pack, Organize, and Carry Your Own Bag

When Travelling towards Distant Places, Bring Two Bags.

One big one for your clothes, and small hand-carry for your necessities. This is a common especially when travelling on-air, and you can’t hold on to your bag. A small sling bag or belt pouch can do the trick. The goal is to store every important items such as wallets, smartphones, passports, and tickets as close to you as possible.

When you pack your own stuff, you would know which areas you need to keep your eye one. For example, if you placed your money in the front pocket, then you should watch out for anything or anyone that comes near it. It also helps rule out the possibility of misplaced items. 

Remember, these are only precautions that you can take to further improve the safety and security of your belongings. Nowadays, there are bags that help manage problems such as theft. Modern bags and backpacks have been innovated to suit the safety needs of travelers whether on foot, on road, or on air.

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