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First, Thank you for your interest in our bags. we support all kinds of company partnerships from small medium and big without any quantity minimum orders. Camel Mountain products are synonymous with luxury and style. As a leading business travel lifestyle brand, Camel Mountain bags stamped with your company logo will make a lasting impression on any lucky recipient. Do you have loyal clients or workers that you want to thank? Gift them a Camel Mountain wallet or computer bags as a “just because” or holiday gift to show your appreciation. If you mean business, gifting our bags to your cherished clients or workers will remind them of your working relationship and quality brand on long and short trips alike! We sell and serve our bags in bulk to Chain Stores, High Tech Company's, Institutes of all kind, Law offices and other Business, Therefore we offer wholesales inquires around the globe from Europe to Australia, USA, South Africa and more, this is a main part of our business streamlined with our website retail faithful customers. If you would like to inspect a product as a sample before purchasing in bulk, that's also possible. Here are Some of our trucks that were noticed delivering our products to city stores and warehouses in bulk & some of our stamped bags for our customers.



Big partners trust us


We have hundreds of partners, big and small, everywhere. With the aim of bringing luxury to every company, partnering is one of the very important factors that bring us to increasingly develop and optimize our products.






Easy Process

Fill out the given form with appropriate details and we'll reach out to you.

1. Our representative will contact you to guide you through the rest of the process.
2. We will provide a digital simulation for you to approve logo size and placement on the case.
3. Orders will be processed based on artwork and information approved from electronic proof.
4. All approved orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled.

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