Can You Bring Your Own Food on a Plane?

Can You Bring Your Own Food on a Plane?

Basically, what Can You Bring with Carry On? 

Traveling can be extremely stressful, much more when you’re flying thousands of feet in the air! 

To help or cope with our stress, we tend to snack a little--or a lot.

But what if your comfort food can’t be allowed with you and you’re left with questionable airplane food.

Well, don’t worry because I’ll be sharing with you what you can and can’t bring in your carry-on.

Take note: this list may vary depending on location, so always be sure to check customs as well.

What kind of food can you bring on a plane?

You’re allowed to bring any dried or non-liquid food with you in your carry on such as chips, candies, sandwiches, cheese (yes! Any kind), cooked food, and even eggs even though they are quite risky. 

Coffee beans, tea leaves, and spices are allowed as well, just be sure to seal and label them properly!

Take it, leave it, or ship it. These are the food you can bring with you while traveling

Any type of liquid is not allowed to carry on like honey, gravy, yogurt, and any type of sauce or spreads. Fresh fruits and vegetables may depend on TSA so it’s best to just pack them in your checked bags as well as alcoholic beverages, which also depends on the percentage. 

Lucky for you, mini bottles may be allowed but crew members strictly prohibit it.

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