Everything You Need to Know About the Classic Series’ Outdoor Backpacks

Everything You Need to Know About the Classic Series’ Outdoor Backpacks

The Camel Mountain Classic series is back, and it’s back to offer much more! Over the past few years, we have considered practical and aesthetic aspects that backpackers look for in outdoor bags. After carefully assessing the data, our team of designers have developed a fresh perspective in our objective of providing only the best in the industry.

Here are four factors that you can expect in the new Classic Series backpacks

Innovative Features

Outdoor adventures are meant to re-connect ourselves with nature, and ourselves, but nowadays, it’s not so much as a taboo to bring technology with you on your trips. The practical tools that make the experience more memorable. Such as a light to help you see better at night, and of course, your smartphone to take pictures of the wonderful moments. We have considered this possibility, and made it accessible to connect your phone and your power banks through the bag. Additionally, the pocket system of the Classic Series has also made organizing items easier and more efficient, especially for on-the-go backpackers.  

Comfort You Can Bring

An outdoor backpack is gonna be with you throughout your journey. It’s something that’s supposed to help you, and make your adventures easier. A backpack is not supposed to feel like dead weight. Aside from the soft added padding we have placed on the strap, the fabric itself is made to be lighter than usual, but sturdier than before.


The more hikes you take, the more worn out your bag becomes. What was once a blue backpack fades into grey in a few years. Not only that, but the durability of the material withers with it. Backpacks are not diamonds. They don’t last forever, however, some last longer than others. One of the major contributors of deterioration is weathering. When a bag is exposed to different types of weather and climate it gradually takes on damage. The materials we use take less damage from these natural elements, and deteriorate much longer than average.

Quality is Everything

The Classic Series doesn’t just last a long time, but it’s also guaranteed to be a reliable backpack when you need it the most. Hiking in the wilderness can cause a lot of problems for your backpack. Such us cuts from tree branches, insects that could possibly find their way inside the bag, and the ripping of material due to weight. Well, we have considered all of these concerns and deeply embedded them in the new and innovative Camel Mountain originals.

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