How to Avoid Extra Baggage Fee on Your Next Flight

How to Avoid Extra Baggage Fee on Your Next Flight

Plane tickets are already expensive in their regard, and of course, when traveling you also have to consider food, land fare, and other expenses. That’s why it is important to make sure you are not incurring any additional charges on your trip– especially on baggage fees! Here are a few tips to help prevent you from entering the danger zone. 

Read the Airline Policy

Airline weight policy is often, if not always posted on their website; however, if you are having a hard time looking for it, you can always ask customer support. Knowing simple things like the maximum weight limit and the number of bags you can split the capacity into allows you to prepare for your flight in advance and avoid unnecessary quarrels with the flight staff. This brings us to the next tip---

Find the Right Bag

Some airlines would allow you to bring two check-in baggage, while some only allow one. To be safe, it would probably be best to stuff everything in one luggage and pack everything else in your hand-carry bag. This means that you have to make sure you have the right bags for your trip. Smaller bags don’t always mean less space. Here is where modern bags come into the picture. Most luggage and backpack manufacturers have spent time and resources on engineering products that can accommodate more items with the eased organization. Then the next tip is--

Organize Ahead and Pack Strategically

Have you ever heard of ‘hierarchy in packing’? It’s a vital skill that travelers learn in putting their items inside their bags. The ‘which goes first and which goes last’ kind of thing. This method allows travelers to organize their bags according to the level of accessibility that an item needs to be. For example, drinking water should not go at the bottom of the bag, and underwear definitely does not need to be the first thing that appears when unzipping your bag.

Check The Weight Beforehand

Finally, when everything is packed and ready, check the weight before heading to the airport. Most of the time, when you’ve packed everything neatly, you won’t experience overweight issues; however, its always better safe than sorry.

Arrive at the Airport Earlier

This tip may not always work for every passenger, but being the early bird of your flight gives you higher chances of having a more lenient service when it comes to added weight. There are usually a few extra weights that a flight can take in without added charge, being the first to ask for consideration most likely will get you an approval than those coming in last.

Wear Your Extra Jacket

One final tip. Whenever you’re traveling to cold areas, it’s better to wear your jacket than to let it count as extra weight for your bag. You might think that it’s only a few grams, but sometimes a few extra pieces of clothing are what gets cranked up the scale. The plane’s AC is always cold anyway.

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