How to Avoid Theft While Traveling

How to Avoid Theft While Traveling

You found yourself a ticket away from the stressful workplace environment–you’re now on a relaxing trip. Eyes closed on a smooth road trip, snaps behind stunning views, and a moment of serenity under the blue seas. Life is bliss!

Nothing can spoil this moment–or is there? What about your stuff? Your passport to help you go home, cash to pay for the bills, the credit card that anyone can use, and even your clothes that you’ll need to change off your swimsuit. Oh you’re not smiling now, are you?

How about we shake off such stressors while you’re traveling? Here are a few things to remember when you’re on a vacation:

Keep it casual

Looks can be deceiving. Flashy luggage spells out M-O-N-E-Y for thieves regardless of what’s inside. So, it's better to keep the colors neutral. Use something that you would typically carry on an everyday stroll. 


Check if your bag materials are reliable enough to handle rough and sharp surfaces. Leather exteriors, stitched linings, and multiple layered interiors would be some of the ideal bag details to find. If a bag can’t handle a single scratch, it's definitely not a match for a thief's knife.

Bag features

Modern bag features are also helpful. You can look for multi-pockets, anti-theft zipper locks, and slash-proof exterior backpacks. Multi-pockets are ideal for hiding your valuables from plain sight, while the other two can outsmart old stealing strategies.

Try Mini Bags

If you're nervous about losing something, small bags would be ideal. Belt bags and sling bags are some that you can wear close to your sight. A place for all your essentials: IDs, cash, and gadgets.

Security isn’t always about locks. Sometimes, it only depends on your choice of bag. Using the right bag for the right occasion can make travel safer and easier. 

Camel Mountain allows travelers to choose the best fit for their daily journeys. We’re not just a brand that sells, we’re also a friend that cares. 

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