How to Maintain Leather Bags?

How to Maintain Leather Bags?

Got yourself a new leather bag or purse lately? We would not want to see your time, money and efforts go to waste  because of poor handling and maintenance. That is why we have provided you a guide through the do’s and don’ts in taking care of your leather products. Hear us out and take the opportunity to experience the benefits!

1. Refrain from sitting and piling over your wallet.

By and by, we have to be mindful of our belongings. Whether it may be our leather coin purse or leather clutches, allowing it to be piled over by heavier materials or by your very own weight can potentially both harm your health and also your wallet’s appearance. Making it lose its shape and tamper the brand logo. It is recommended that these leather materials should be placed or carried by our own hands, in front pockets, or other pockets where it is safe from further harm. Damages done by this cannot be included under the warranty. Interested in a leather purse or clutch? We have new ones just for you.  

2. Quit overfilling your bags

Whether it’s your leather-made duffel bag,or your soft purse, filling too many items or putting too much pressure inside your bag especially when you travel can cause irreversible damage. This type of damage is not ensured under warranty.  

3. Plastic free

Plastics are not advisable for leather materials too! Plastic bags are not exactly breathable materials. Which means leather bags are more susceptible to deterioration and molds with it! Your leather bags and handbags should be stored in well-ventilated containers just like the dust bags that come along with your bag when you purchase it.  

4. Avoid too much contact from the sun

Just like for us human beings, too much contact with sunlight can cause damage to our skin. The same thing goes with our leather materials. Too much sunlight can cause wrinkling and drying on the leather material. It is recommended to wipe it gently and not to expose the leather to heat if it is damp or soaking wet. Let it dry at room temperature even if it takes you longer.

5. Do a regular cleaning routine

Leather is prone to absorbing dirt; over time this breaks down, eventually leading to corrosion of the leather. You can avoid this from happening to your leather backpacks and especially to your designer leather bags by using solutions that are specifically made for cleaning leather materials. Using household cleaning materials to clean leather is not recommended as this would damage its composition. Another method is consistently wiping it with a moistened cloth and letting it dry on its own.  

6. Moisturizing routine

Your leather pouch and bags need some pampering too! It is essential for your leather to have a routine care process to moisturize and maintain it. We wouldn’t want cracks in our leather now would we? That is why it is best to apply a small amount of an all-natural leather conditioner on your leather every so often.

Now you know the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling your leather. It’s time for you to put on a show and flaunt your leather and your newfound knowledge in taking care of them! Remember to check our newest bag collection from various brand designers! Click here to check it out. 

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