Analyzing "Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself" Quote from David Mitchell

Analyzing "Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself" Quote from David Mitchell

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” - David Mitchell

Only a true travel addict can understand this phrase. Because traveling is not just about visiting one place after another. Travelling is all about collecting memories as well as associating yourself with the places you visit. 

A true travel addict does not only travel to explore new places but according to them traveling is a way to meet themselves. The key thing that contributes to planning a trip is travel motivation. The more you are motivated to travel far enough, the more are the chances you can meet your inner self. 

Traveling helps you discover yourself in the best way possible. You get to spend more time with yourself and do stuff for yourself. Especially, if you are such a person who loves traveling alone then it will be more helpful. 

Everyone must plan a trip once a year to travel to such a place where there will be no external distraction. It is the best opportunity to focus on yourself without any distraction. 

But the majority of the people ask how traveling helps meeting yourself? Is it even possible, that you can meet yourself while you are on the trip? 

The answer to all these questions is yes, traveling helps you meet yourself. The next question is how? It is possible because when you travel to such a place that is quite far from your location it brings your fast-paced lifestyle to a slower-pace. 

Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself

Planning a trip to the mountains is the best way that can help you meet yourself. Mountain traveling is so peaceful and brings peace to your mind. To calm yourself travel to the mountains is an ideal option. Mountains are way far from your current location, so you can focus more on yourself. 

What helps you discover yourself by traveling to such a place is you are only concerned about yourself. Your thoughts, feelings, and activities are just limited to yourself. You do not focus on anything else in the world and there will be no distraction. 

Traveling far away can also help you to be more productive and active. You get to spend high-quality time with your soul. You can enjoy your solitude and peace by sticking around yourself. The best thing you can do here is to meditate or yoga, which will help you focus on yourself by giving clarity to your mind. 

Meditation and yoga allow you to focus on yourself by removing all the negative thoughts from your mind. It clears your mind as well as heals your soul so, that you can focus on things that are present. 

Other than that, some more activities you can also perform that can help you discover yourself. Such as waking up for the sunrise or meditating with the sunrise. The two of these activities are also very effective that allows you to meet yourself.  It brings calmness to your mind and makes your life easier.

Thus, you can make better decisions, for the future that will make your life beautiful. Not only waking up to the sunrise if you are not a morning person then you can still do something to meet yourself. 

You can sit still under the stars during the night time because it is also one of the practices that bring calmness to your life. During such moments of stillness, it helps you hear your heart and what your soul wants. Thus, you can make a better decision by listening to your heart and mind.

Also, a deep breathing practice is another great thing you can do in complete silence. Traveling far away from the help you train your mind in the best way possible. It will make the vision clear by bringing clarity to your mind. 

You just need to get travel motivation for such a place like this so, this way you can help yourself and meet your inner personality. Although it is a bit challenging for some people a little motivation can help to make this life-changing experience. 


Travel far enough to meet yourself, and there is no doubt that you can meet your inner soul through traveling. Some people might disagree but traveling to such a place can help you meet yourself. Because you perform activities there for yourself and there is no distraction. 

You get a lot of time to spend just for yourself, and this is your time to do whatever you want to do. 

Everyone must plan a trip like this to meet their inner personality. The mindful activities in silence help you discover yourself. 

Everyone should plan this type of trip as it brings calmness and peace to your life. 

Making your vision clear helps you make better decisions and get the complete pleasure of solitude and peace.

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