Looking for Bags with as Many Pockets as Possible?

Looking for Bags with as Many Pockets as Possible?

While I was going over Reddit, today. I surprisingly came over a very unusual question. Someone actually asked for a bag suggestion that has more than 14 pockets. 14 DIFFERENT POCKETS?! That’s where I wondered, does such a bag even exist?

And apparently, they do! There are even bags with 20 different pockets! It’s crazy, but there are practical purposes for them. Here’s a list of where and for what you can use them for:


Medical professionals, especially nurses and personal aids can find many practical purposes for multiple pocket bags. Not only can they organize and separate different kinds of medicine and pills, but practitioners can bring other essentials like water, snacks, and even first aid instruments.


This will come into no surprise, but the most practical use of multiple pocket bags can be found in the corporate environment. With all the documents and gadgets that they carry around, it can get easy to get flustered and disorganized. Having bags do the job of keeping things in check, while you customize your own system of putting your items where they should belong is the perfect combination between man and bag.


Working best for college students, multiple pocket bags are essential in keeping up with the high demand of activities that university life has to offer. Setting aside the life of a varsity student and the part-timers, regular students often need to carry a lot of stuff for a lot of activities. Gone are the days where a student just needs a pen and paper. We are in an age where we have to keep our necessities organized at all times.


Finally, the most obvious reason to look for a multiple pocket bag is to move around. Business trips, vacations, and even just an overnighter away from home, these things require a lot of essentials. Not only that, but having things like credit cards, passports, and even a sheet of Kleenex within arms length is vital to make your travel experience comfortable. Imagine having to go through your entire bag just to find spare change.

With so many practical uses in the everyday hustle and bustle, Camel Mountain is the ideal choice for sourcing fine bags that accommodates all modern organizational needs. We have a range of modern bags that have multiple functions—not just bags that look cool. 

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