What Bag Should I Get For College?

What Bag Should I Get For College?

Avoid getting back problems during this back-to-school season. Pairing your studies with the right kind of bag isn’t just for aesthetics—it’s also for convenience.

Messenger Bags for Come and Go Students

If you have way too many things to bring with you to school, you might want to avoid this tho. Messenger bags balance all the weight on only one side of your body. Students suffering from scoliosis might also find this on their no-no list.

Remember, messenger bags are not really the most durable bags out there. That’s a fact for a reason. It’s not meant to carry all six of your textbooks. For a list of practical but sleek-looking sling bags, check out Camel Mountain’s new line of products.

Modern Backpacks for a Busy Week in School

Still, the most ideal of all the kinds of bags for a university student is one that is built for the burdens of college life. Practicality outperforms fashion in this stage of your life.

Let’s start with the basics. Modern bags are meant to keep things organized. Having to study 6 classes a day is taxing. It takes a huge level of discipline to stay organized and fit at the end of the day.

Waist Bags to Complement Your Style

College ain’t like high school. You can attend a class without bringing a single pen or paper, and still be able to understand the lectures with ease. Fanny packs may be small, but its enough if you’re the type to not need much to study.

What’s important to understand is that when choosing a bag, you also know your level and pacing when it comes to studying. You can be one of those who learn by writing so you must bring notebooks, or you’re one of those who like to research while listening to lectures—a laptop bag might be ideal for you in that case.

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