Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase
Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase

BZ-CM865200-Dark Blue

Camel Mountain® Capone Aventus Suitcase

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You can choose one of the following 4 suitcases (or as a set of three or four):

Trolley (20" Boarding Trolley)
24" (Medium) 
29" (Large) 
32" (Extra-Large) ) 
Set of three (20" + 24" + 28") 
Set of four (20" + 24" + 28" + 32")

*Without selection, the 20" trolley suitcase is considered the default of the transaction.

Fabric suitcase made of liquid-repellent Mélange nylon fabric Triple Quill | 10-year warranty for a break or crack in the base of the suitcase One year warranty on wheels and runners, handles and mechanism Individual suitcases can be bought separately | We will provide you with a new suitcase/financial compensation for any damage or loss of a suitcase in the airlines.

Melange fabric material repels liquids and hard scratches

How do you do it?
Very simple... go to the loss and damage desk at the airport or alternatively to the desk of the relevant airline and fill out a damage report.
With the damage report in your hands, contact us, Camel Mountain, and we will take care of a new suitcase/financial compensation from the airline.
For an explanation and a list of airlines we work with to receive reimbursement for damage to luggage .

Suitcase specifications:
aluminum mechanism at the push of a button, stable and comfortable for dragging the suitcase on 4 wheels
4 large and strong double silicone wheels for 360 degree rotation.
Expansion zipper that increases the suitcase by about 25%.
Number lock on the side, which locks the two tabs of the suitcase (initial code 0 0 0) To set a new code, press the unlock button and at the same time change to the desired code, and leave.
A large compartment with a shower compartment + 2-way divider for easy closing with clips for clothes, etc.
A second compartment inside which is a mesh compartment for inserting accessories.
4 plastic side guards for placing the suitcase on the floor that won't get scratched.
The lower and upper side lifting handle is good and strong for lifting the suitcase in any situation.

The Camel Mountain® Capone suitcases - a perfect balance between durability, capacity and maneuverability, all at a great price. With this suitcase, you can travel in style and confidence, knowing that your belongings are protected. Durability is the key when it comes to our luggage and equipment, which will survive the damage that can be caused by damage on the way to the destination, and Capone luggage is exceptional. These suitcases are made of quality materials, and are built to withstand the bumps and scratches of travel.

You can absolutely trust that your belongings will be safe and sound in these sturdy suitcases with a 10-year base warranty.

Capone's internal organization is simple but effective. With two horizontal straps that can be dragged down to compress your belongings, and a large zippered mesh pocket on the top shell, you'll have plenty of room to pack everything you need. The simplicity of the packaging system is an advantage, as it keeps the price reasonable.

But what really sets the Capone apart is its balance between capability, weight and maneuverability. At just the right weight, you'll have plenty of room to pack everything you need, without worrying about exceeding the weight limits. The interior is spacious enough + the expandability ensures that you can fit and put everything you need, even for long trips.

Its smooth-rolling wheels and thick, ergonomic handle make this set comfortable to maneuver, while other suitcases may have hard, thin plastic handles that dig into your hand when you have to carry your suitcase up and down unstable stairs, the Capone suitcases feature super-comfortable side and bottom handles that will Carrying your cargo equipment and lifting it easily.

There are suitcases on 2 wheels that nowadays are less used because of the lack of maneuverability, the four wheels of the Capone, which are equipped with silicone material and a durable base, have great maneuverability and rotate on a 360 degree axis in all directions in a soft way, the bonus of the Capone's wheels are that they are not large And not too prominent like in other suitcases, from our experience, the bigger the wheel, the more exposed it is to blows and bruises.

With the five color options available, you can find the perfect match for your personal style.

In conclusion, the Camel Mountain Capone luggage set is a reliable and affordable option for travelers looking for durability, capacity and maneuverability. With the added bonus of wheels less exposed to bruises and bumps, you'll be able to ride in style and confidence for years to come.


4 wheels made of 100% super high-quality silicone for a quiet ride and small and inconspicuous to prevent injuries
Passed quality control with 50 kilos - QC PASSED

Internal mesh compartment for functional accessories that is extremely convenient
A number lock is built into the base of the suitcase for a more secure locking of the 2 zipper heads
An aluminum mechanism handle that opens at the push of a button to several stages on which different bags can be hung
Watch the quality control for the handle of the trolley mechanism with 50 kilos inside - QC PASSED

The lifting handle on the side and on the top is connected to the base of the suitcase, which is particularly strong and comfortable

Watch quality control with 50 kilos - QC PASSED

Reinforcements and unique identification marks in the corners of the suitcase

Internal fastening strap for clothes


Luggage dimensions:

20 inch suitcase:

Weight: 2.5 kg
Height: 55 cm (including wheels)
Width: 37 cm
Depth: 24 cm + 3 cm extension

Volume: 50 liters


24 inch suitcase:

Weight: 3.2 kg
Height: 67 cm (including wheels)
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 29 cm + 3 cm extension

Volume: 80 liters


28 inch suitcase:

Weight: 4 kg
Height: 77.5 cm (including wheels)
Width: 40.5 cm
Depth: 30 cm + 3 cm extension

Volume: 120 liters


Huge 32" inch suitcase:

Weight: 4.2 kg

 Height: 86.5 cm (including wheels)

Width: 50 cm
Depth: 32 cm + 3 cm extension 

Volume: 150 liters




The advantages of the suitcase:
one of the lightest suitcases on the market, a
huge storage volume
* extremely strong fabric suitcase
* a selection of storage compartments
* high-quality silicone wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees
* water resistance

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Tracking your order:
You will receive a confirmation email, containing a tracking ID and a link to follow the journey of your package.
We offer a 30-day return policy. If you don’t love it, send it back – no questions asked! To learn more check out our FAQ page.

For 10 years, Camel Mountain has designed, chosen & made ONLY the highest quality bags and customer service that are our top priorities. We stand by the quality of our premium products with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty*If you encounter any issues with the product anytime from your date of purchase, simply contact us mentioning your order number and describing the damage and we will help you!

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